ContainerMinder™ Specifications

Container Minder is available in two versions.
Both the Basic and the Extended feature:

  • Fail Safe1.
  • 9v powered (one 9v battery included)
    • Lasts for months on a single 9v battery2
  • Small, ContainerMinder is only 3.9 x 2 x .75 inches. (about the same size as a deck of cards).
  • Loud ~120 Decible siren 3.
  • Low Battery Alert4.
  • Adjustible Light Sensitivity5.
  • Adjustible Delay
  • Small 3x2x.75 enclosure.

The Extended Version provides two optional terminal connections:

  • An input that can be used to over-ride the light detection and allow the use of a normally closed switch.
  • An output available to drive an external alarm system.

Operating Instructions:
  [ ContainerMinder™ Operating Instructions (.pdf) ]

1. Simply insert the battery, it's on by default.
2. For best results us a quality name brand alkaline battery.
3. ContainerMinder features a piezio siren capable of producting over 100 decibles when exposed. If this is too loud you may cover the holes in the lid to reduce the sound level.
4. ContainerMinder will announce the battery is getting low by chirping every 5 minutes.
5. ContainerMinder has the ability to detect light changes as low as 1 lux. For optimal use your container should be light proof enough so that even in the brightest conditions light inside the conainer will not eclipse the open light setting. Additionally ContainerMinder muse be able to detect the difference in light between open or closed. If the container is left open and the abmient light is not bright enough it will not go off. For best results make sure the ambient light outside the container is visible to ContainerMinder.